The DC Child Justice Coalition formed in December 2021 as a network of family-centered, community-based organizations committed to principles of cooperation and mutual aid. We recognize that political education is an essential tool to surviving the complex political systems that tend to ignore the acute needs of economically Black and Brown disabled families. We also recognize that political education is not a static activity that merely mirrors colonial classroom settings and political action of all kinds can and should offer inclusive opportunities for learning, cooperation and mutual aid. 

To this end, we formed the DC Child Justice Coalition to provide multi-generational family-centered political education training opportunities that reinforce our commitment to racial justice, reproductive justice, and disability justice.

Current Member Organizations of the DC Child Justice


 Past Programming and Action


  • Winter 2022 Political Education Bootcamp 
Funded by Diverse City Funds, The DC Child Justice Coalition hosted a 7-week virtual Political Education Bootcamp from February-April 2022. Out of a pool of 25 applicants, the Coalition selected 10 family caregivers who participated in this inaugural cohort initiative. Each participant received $300 cash payment, a copy of the Special Education 101 Manual, NeuroMama care packages, and access to knowledgeable governmental and nongovernmental actors in key areas covered during the Bootcamp including medicaid, school-mental health, the family policing system, and special education.

  • August 2022 Reproductive Justice Rally
The DC Child Justice Coalition hosted the DC Ain’t I A Woman Rally for Justice as part of a multi-city initiative by funded by the Wayfinder Foundation. Our goal was to let DC’s City Council and Mayor know that our reproductive justice movement far extends beyond the “choice” to abort or not and includes strengthening the District of Columbia’s public health system to address the inequities of access to social services and healthcare needs of Black and Brown women and birthing people – especially single parents and disabled parents, whose basic needs should be in the public trust  yet, to the detriment of their children, are ignored and underfunded often regarded as having made “bad choices” as an excuse to not provide the multi-generational needs of poor families. To learn more about our demands, check out this video.

Applications are now closed for Cohort 1