Chi Bornfree Inc.’s mission is to promote family-centered care pervasively. Through advocacy efforts, our goal is to promote and support campaigns that include family leaders as key decision makers on the language, strategy and community action steps. We utilize a family-centered framework to help direct service-based entities to discover sustainable and lucrative solutions to meet the needs of a diverse client and customer base. Our approach promotes diversity, equity and inclusion to discover systems solutions to adhering to federal and local policies that promote the rights of persons with disabilities.


Coaching for parents and families of children with disabilities. Developed from lived experiences navigating local systems of care (especially education and healthcare), plus evidence-based tools.


Support for government agencies, nonprofit organizations and businesses. Use of program management, project design and policy analysis to improve internal understanding of disabilities and apply innovative and equitable solutions to augment services to persons with disabilities.


We work with many individuals, organizations, coaches and trainers to provide the very best care. Meet the members or our team and see how we can help you today.

Chi Bornfree, Inc. was founded by Chioma Oruh. As a disability mental health self-advocate and a proud mother of two of her two brilliant Autistic sons, Atu and Jedi. Chioma designed her services using the survival skills, strategies, and institutional knowledge, coupled with her extensive experience as a community supporter, organizer, innovator, advocate, educator, scholar, coach, and consultant. Click on the link below to learn more about Chioma’s expertise, her mothering journey and Chi Bornfree’s network of partners, consultants, projects, and resources


What people are saying..

She is extremely articulate, passionate, and responsive to concerns and situations.
Toby Long
Georgetown U Center for Child and Human Development