Family-Centered Consultancy

We support government agencies, nonprofit organizations and businesses through program management, project design and policy analysis. Our services help organizations improve their internal competencies on disability services and apply innovative, inclusive and equitable solutions to improve social and emotional, education and healthcare outcomes for children with disabilities and their families.

How can CHI BORNFREE Help Your Business?

We offer a wide variety of consulting services, with each engagement tailored to your organization’s individual needs and goals. Some of the ways we can help include:

  • Improve internal understanding of disabilities within your organization
  • Identify and apply innovative and equitable solutions to augment services to persons with disabilities
  • Discover sustainable and lucrative solutions to meet the needs of a diverse client and customer base
  • Promote diversity, equity and inclusion to discover systems solutions to adhering to federal and local policies that promote the rights of persons with disabilities

Chi Bornfree Services

  • Program design
  • Project Management
  • Compliance with regulations for inclusiveness
  • Liaising with agencies and public
  • Approaches for inclusion
  • Disability education
  • Much more..

Why Hire Chi Bornfree?

Making our communities inclusive is the right thing to do. Beyond that, schools, businesses and other organizations stand to benefit from creating inclusive environments.
  • Create welcoming and inclusive environments to attract more clients, students, or funding
  • Remain in compliance with regulations and legal requirements
  • Boost your bottom line and increase revenue
  • Differentiate in your space by offering the best solutions to inclusivity

Business Consulting Packages

General Consulting

General fee per hour – help with whatever your needs are.

Includes personalized services.

General Writing

Writing for any of your needs!

  • Grants
  • Blogs
  • Non-Profit Business Proposals
  • Whatever you need.