Chi Bornfree, LLC promotes family-centeredness as a concept that provides the most equitable and democratic solutions that help families actualize their self-determined vision for their children with disabilities and special healthcare needs, including mental health. In addition to offering individual family services through the CHI hand book and the parent coaching model, Chi Bornfree provides consulting services to organizations, higher education institutions, government agencies and businesses to become more disability competent, emotionally intelligent and aware of the tools at their disposal through policies, evidence-based best practices and emotionally intelligent professional development trainings.

Founded by Chioma Oruh, Ph.D., me. I am the principal consultant and parent coach of Chi Bornfree and have a passion for family-centered practices, primarily because of my own lived experiences as an black African immigrant mother raising two young sons with autism. In my own journey to access services for my family, including my aging parents and brother with a severe mental health condition, I have faced a lot challenges navigating the systems of care through the life span. It is my experience that the dysfunctions of the systems of care are rooted in many institutional intelligences that rely on many archaic ideas about mans relationship with nature that, unfortunately, have historically also been used to promote racism, sexism, classism, ableism and xenophobia.

Through founding Chi Bornfree, I now have the opportunity to give back some of the survival skills, strategies and institutional knowledge picked up along the way of my own lived experiences. With a focus on early childhood education, and improving the behavioral health system in particular, from early childhood through the educational lifespan of children and youth. The pillar of my institutional knowledge is rooted in the transformative journey to helping system actors become more family-centered in policies and practices. And this has driven me to seek avenues to be of the highest service to my city, Washington, DC, to support both the public and private sectors to help dismantle old ideas informing public policy and the daily practices of front line staff, essential workers and direct service outlets, especially education, healthcare, social services and the intersection amongst all three.

For the families, it is my duty to provide accessible services using the same family-centered practices that I support business to unpack, recover and rebrand. For my family clients,I provide the following services:

  1. A trauma-informed motivational interviewing process to determine client compatibility;
  2. A robust referral network for individual/family clients, both locally and nationally, that may need to access medical (including behavioral health), educational, legal and recreational supports to navigating the special education and healthcare systems to determine needs;
  3. An emotionally intelligent 12 week parent coaching model based on evidence-based practices early intervention strategies, using the self-authored CHI Handbook as a guide through those sessions;
  4. A free weekly newsletter subscription to my blog; and
    Frequently updated web resources, infographics, online webinars; and live trainings schedules, locally and nationally.

Learn More About my Credentials

Learn More About My Credentials